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Never.  We use only the highest quality goods from every corner of the earth. 

Trust.  The number one thing you need when buying a diamond is trust with the seller.  Buying a diamond can be tricky.   There are websites and retailers that can make it more confusing for any buyer.  We pride ourselves on  honesty, integrity and as a result of our decades of experience, giving the best prices.  While weight, color and clarity are important and can dictate the price of the stone, these are NOT the only and most important factors in the price of a diamond.  You must be careful and read certificates carefully.  Just as important as weight, color and clarity is depth.  Depth tells you how deep the stone is, so if you have a 3 carat diamond that is very deep, it will look small.  Proportionality of a stone is vital.  You must also look at the tinge, placement of the imperfection and so on.  You cannot just rely upon the color and clarity when comparing prices.  This is why a knowledgeable Jewelry Concierge is here to help you. 

 Yes!  We do this often.  We can repurpose your heirlooms into a meaningful, wearable piece for you and generations to come. 

We believe in creating only the highest quality pieces. While technology is wonderful, we create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be copied or repeated because no computer file or replica has been made in the process.  Our Skilled artisans use their talent and hands.  And, our pieces are made locally.

No.  In fact, most of our clients are located all around the world.  We ensure that you experience high quality service whether virtual or in person.  Our Jewelry Concierge service communicates with you every step of the way, from design to drawing to the final product.  We guarantee satisfaction.

 Yes.  Our experts will evaluate your goods and provide the best price possible for your sale or trade in/up.