Bridal Collection

Jewelry should be a romantic investment. 

Romance is part of the process.

Romance is part of the process, we fall in love with every one-of-a-kind piece we make.Every bride is unique in style and personality.  The Eliani Bridal Collection encapsulates the diversity of every bride.  When she is “the one” that means she is exceptional and so should the engagement ring she wears.  The designers are Eliani Fine Jewelry can create the perfect ring for your perfect bride that matches her individuality.

Jewelry Concierge™ at Eliani Fine Jewelry

When working with our clients, the Jewelry Concierge™ at Eliani Fine Jewelry takes the time to know our clients so we can tailor designs to fit the distinctive characteristics of each bride along with budget set for the occasion.  Each bridal piece is truly one-of-a-kind made specifically for your one of a kind bride. 
Every love story is unique so should the engagement ring she wears.
From concept to drawing to final product, the process is documented along the way. 
We want the engagement process to be romantic. 
Nothing says “you are the one” like handing her a ring made just for her, named after her. 
We complete the process by producing a high quality photo book documenting the process for each unique piece. 

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